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South Africa is experiencing the fastest economic growth in six decades. Its incredible success and the competitive demands of a globalised world have also put strains on performance and skills excellence – that’s where BizTech comes in.

BizTech recognises that the heart of any organisation is its support staff. No executive can operate at peak performance if his or her personal assistant is not super efficient, financial staff knowledgeable and ethical and everything from travel bookings, to reports, PowerPoint presentation’s, customer service, debt collection, newsletters, events and building the team is competently done by every cog in the organisational wheel.
Middle level professionals too need constant knowledge infusions to keep at the top of their game. And entry level graduates need to know the techniques to apply theory into effective practice to perform optimally in today’s challenging business environment. Major employers like Edcon, which employ tens of thousands of staff, ensure that every staff member receives at least a week of training every year. Can your organisation afford to do less?

BizTech has extensive experience in training. Courses are updated frequently. Feedback forms are analysed and changes implemented if necessary. The company responds directly to requests from corporates and government to design courses that meet new business challenges.
Facilitators are drawn from the top ranks of business, academia, the legal fraternity and other specialised areas. Every course is a dynamic presentation of necessary theory, hands-on practical applications and motivation. The day after you or your staff attends a BizTech course there will be a measurable improvement in performance.


BizTech is committed to being part of the ongoing growth and success of the South African economy. It recognises that talent is a scarce commodity in every nation of the world and that rapid change in global trends requires consistent awareness, the gathering of information and the implementation of best practice skills building.

BizTech and its facilitators know that the best business support staff, administrators and supervisors are profoundly aspirational, and that with ongoing training and awareness of the best new business and information skills they can attain excellence. BizTech has tailored courses to be brief – a two day injection of intensive learning – so that time away from the office is short with considerable positive impact on work performance after. In-house courses are more cost effective, especially for 10 or more staff, can be tailored to meet a company or government department’s specific needs and are increasingly popular.

Development takes place through open and supportive communication from facilitators and active, guided participation from fellow course attendees. This sharing of information and best practice, the capacity to build networks with like-minded individuals is a powerful and important ancillary to the knowledge imparted on the course.

Professionalism, simplicity and enjoyable, enriching learning underscore the BizTech philosophy.

vision and mission

To be recognised as the training provider of choice to vital business support personnel, enabling them to achieve their highest aspirations, through the provision of key training programmes that focus on essential and practical skills necessary for success in today's globalised economy.

corporate history

BizTech has grown out of the market needs identified by founder Liza van Wyk, a qualified engineer. It has a solid course offering of 25 courses and has seen dramatic, sustained growth since it began its first courses.
It has a strong, loyal portfolio of clients from government, the corporate sector and parastatals, clients include the large mining houses, the top commercial banks, Eskom, Rand Water and other key parastatals.

Biz Tech's courses are designed for the administrator, personal assistant or team leader who wants to develop his or her skills and keep up with the cutting edge trends of a rapidly evolving society.

Facilitators for the courses include some of the nation’s finest minds and most adept practitioners in business, academia and the public sector. They are motivating and inspiring in their approach and ensure delegates leave the course with practical skills they can apply the next day on the job and with new ways of seeing and dealing with challenges. They in turn are backed by a strong team of support staff at BizTech who help design, implement, manage and publicise courses. Your need for success is not less than our desire to please.

biztech's place in the south african economy

In 2006, StatsSA reported that of the 40,4% unemployed, 2000 000 were graduates – this is 140 000 more than in 2004. Although some companies are trying to recruit those unemployed graduates they complain that the degrees many have are of little value – students may have theory but do not know how to apply it, their social skills and English capacity marginal.

Jabu Mabuza, CEO of hotel and gaming group, Tsogo Sun recently observed in a speech to Eastern Cape students: “Some time ago, I spoke to a human resources director who said that HR people are spoilt for choice when they seek to appoint someone. There are so many people looking for work. He said that having a degree doesn’t mean you can do the job; all that it says is that a person can complete an assignment. He said that there is more to work than donning a gown and saying I graduated.”

Tshidi Mokgabudi, who is a director of KPMG and was this country’s first black woman CA, obtained a list from the President’s Office of unemployed graduates. She interviewed dozens of hopefuls with degrees in advanced tax, accounting and finance, but most failed the interview. In a report to the deputy president she noted: “It is not enough to just have a degree, people have to have life skills to get jobs. There were many that, despite having a degree, were not work-ready and lacked the soft skills of interpersonal communication, comprehension, listening ability, assertiveness or self esteem. Almost uniformly the graduates came from backgrounds of extreme poverty – and spoke of sacrifices often made by single mothers to send them to university.”

Chantyl Mulder who heads the SA Institute for Chartered Accountants, Thuthuka bursary fund, which is run with Abasa, says they interviewed more than 2 000 students to find 50 suitable to give grants to. She says she doesn’t “believe the quality of degrees now is as good as five years ago. Some cannot even read a bank statement and tell if a person is in arrears or not. Students write in sms shorthand and their English skills are poor.”

Mabuza told the students he addressed, “Ladies and gentlemen, globalization is making the world small and there is one language used most often in business, trade, politics and law – it’s English, if you cannot speak, read and write good English, you will not communicate effectively, you will not hear, nor be heard, only seen.”

These challenges within the educational sector and the imperatives of a globalised world make it critically important for life long training and skills development. The world is simply moving too fast for us to attain a single qualification and to believe that it will suffice for a lifetime.

BizTech is a Level 4 BBBEE accredited company.

This means that we are a 100% contributor and companies investing money in training their staff through BizTech can improve their own BBBEE scorecard. This enables your company to improve its BBBEE Preferential Procurement strategy. This means your company will benefit 100% of the spend made.