SA has highest brain drain
East Coast Radio Website

South Africa has the world’s highest brain drain and worst skills shortages. That’s according to Productivity SA and the 2007 World Competitiveness Yearbook which studied our country among 54 others…

The report shows that we also rank last when it comes to infrastructure, internet costs, health problems, availability of qualified engineers and life expectancy.

Liza van Wyk of skills training organisation BizTech says things aren’t looking too good, given that our productivity rating plunged from 38th to 50th last year.

“A lot of that has to do with the crime situation in the country at the moment. There’s also political uncertainly for the first time in a long time in the country. Now if we look at load shedding - it’s all not doing much to contribute to people wanting to stay in the country.”

However, Van Wyk believes the situation can be turned around if businesses offer better training.

“If people are in a situation where they are better skilled, they’re going to be able to perform more efficiently and productively.”

(Story by Natarah Nadesan)