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Business ethics for PAs and Administrators


course overview

Available as in-house course only

Please contact us on 011 582 3333, or email training@biztech.co.za

Many PAs and Administrators need to deal with an array of sensitive staff and HR related issues and it is extremely important for them, the company and their manager that the sensitivity, complexity and confidentiality of what they are working with is handled appropriately. Many people end up learning through trial and error or informal, hap-hazard on-the-job training but it would be better for all concerned if the knowledge and understanding are in place from the start. To ensure your PA can handle any situation with the competence and care it requires, BizTech is running a training programme called “Business Ethics for PAs and Administrators”.

The course covers the following key topics:

Important Business Processes to understand:


The Disciplinary Process:

  • What’s involved in the process

  • What is the PA/Administrator’s role in this

  • Taking minutes at a disciplinary hearing – why is it important and what needs to be recorded?

  • Keeping a poker face despite what transpires

  • Issuing of notices for hearings

  • The importance of confidentiality

  • What happens if it goes to the CCMA?

  • Best practice when working with pay slips

  • Grievance Procedures, Complaints and the Disciplinary Code

  • Dealing with Unions and Shop Stewards

  • Injury on duty and Workman’s compensation

  • Understanding Unemployment Insurance Forms

  • Dealing with increase, bonus and promotion letters and information

  • Confirming employment and reference letters – what’s allowed?

  • Your company policies and Conditions of Employment

  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act


  • Health, medical certificates and confidentiality

  • Family responsibility leave and discretion

  • Dealing with maternity leave enquiries

  • Leave and Personal Issues


  • Understanding the retrenchment process

  • Maintaining confidentiality and dealing with colleague enquiries


  • Understanding the process

  • What needs to be kept, for how long and where

  • What stays confidential and what can be discussed

  • Collecting appropriate personal information after appointment

  • Employee information and records


Workplace Ethics:

  • What do you do if you are offered a bribe? How should you respond? Who should you tell?

  • What do you do if you are asked to alter minutes to reflect an outcome different to that agreed at the meeting?

  • Handling and recognizing conflicts of interest

  • Receiving gifts and lunch invitations

  • Directors and other confidential meetings

  • What do you do if your manager or a colleague compromises your ethics?

  • Following instructions blindly without consideration for ethics

  • Dealing with staff queries of a sensitive nature

  • Personal tasks requested by your manager

  • Discussing sensitive issues with your manager

  • Keeping your manager’s trust while maintaining good rapport with your colleagues

who should attend

  • HR PAs, assistants and administrators

  • PAs and administrators involved with sensitive or confidential issues and information

  • Payroll administrators

  • Anyone else involved in HR matters looking to improve their knowledge and understanding


After attending this course attendees should be able to:

  • Understand business processes so there are no surprises when you have to get involved

  • Be familiar with sensitive information and situations

  • Understand why confidentiality is important

  • Learn how to handle difficult situations appropriately

take home tools

  • Training Manual & Electronic copy of study material

  • All delegates receive one month of telephonic support relating to course content



  • Dynamic and knowledgeable facilitators

  • Training File and a USB

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Quality folder, notepad and pen

the venue

There is no restriction on location – we have provided in-house training from Namibia to Namaqualand. We work with our clients to manage all the necessary logistics.

bbbee compliance

BizTech is BBBEE level 4 compliant. This means that we are a 100% contributor and companies investing money in training their staff through BizTech can also improve their own BBBEE scorecard. Not only does it offer an opportunity to improve your company's Skills Development BBBEE category, but you can also improve your BBBEE Preferential Procurement category. In each case your company will benefit 100% of the spend made.