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Mastering time and self management: become a high achiever


course overview


20-21 April 2020

29-30 June 2020

19-20 October 2020

"Time goes, you say? Ah, no! Alas, Time stays, we go". Henry Austin Dobson

Time management and self-management are two skills which once mastered can have the single-most impact on overall job performance and effectiveness.  They are essential skills for all successful people irrespective of your career choice.  If you can identify and focus on the activities that give you the greatest returns you will dramatically increase your chances of becoming a high achiever.

Many people spend their days in a frenzy of activity, but achieve very little because they are not concentrating on the right things.  The key is to concentrate on results, not on being busy.  If you or one of your team could benefit from learning the skills and techniques of effective time management and self-management, BizTech is offering a training program on "Mastering Time Management and Self Management: Become a High Achiever". 

The course covers the following key topics:


  • Dealing with conflicting priorities

  • Planning the best use of your time

  • Planning for the unexpected

  • Effective multitasking

  • Forward planning to avoid fire fighting

  • Getting advice and using knowledge from others

  • Managing multiple priorities based on importance and urgency

  • Analyse your work habits and determine areas for improvement


  • Setting and achieving goals

  • Self management

  • Avoid over-committing yourself

  • Ensuring that you have time to think

  • Overcoming procrastination

  • Working smarter and not longer

  • Learning how to focus

  • Reduce stress by being more in control

  • Improve communication

  • Focusing on outcomes

  • What is "Good enough"?

  • How flexible should you be?

  • Identifying and eliminating time wasters

  • Handling items only once

  • Balance your work and home life

  • Recognising "Have to's / Want to's"

  • Knowing if you are overloaded or under-productive

  • Having clear expectations and objectives


  • The Pareto Principle / 80:20 Rule

  • Daily planning techniques

  • Simple project management

  • Using time and activity logs

  • Techniques for decisiveness

  • Producing plans and schedules

  • Developing an effective task list

  • Using MS Outlook to increase productivity

  • Using prioritising systems to maximise your productivity

  • Understanding critical paths and how to apply them to best manage your tasks

  • Using time management tools effectively

  • Systems to increase productivity and help organise your office

  • Using technology to assist you manage your time

  • Identifying the important from the unimportant

  • Identifying which are low-value tasks and which are high-value tasks

  • Identifying the steps in achieving your goals


  • Desk management

  • Organising your office and workstation

  • What should be filed?

  • Creating an environment for peak productivity


  • Managing meetings more productively and effectively

  • Knowing which meetings you should attend

  • Delegating - even if you're not the boss

  • Knowing when you should say "No"

  • Dealing with e-mail overload

  • Managing your phone calls and e-mails

  • Managing and reducing distractions and interruptions

  • Dealing with time wasters such as visitors, e-mails and the internet

  • Co-ordinating other's activities to ensure that you achieve your goals

  • Managing your dependencies on others

  • Managing your manager

  • Barriers to effective delegation

who should attend

  • Anyone wanting to increase their productivity

  • Anyone aiming to outperform their peers and co-workers

  • Anyone who feels they can improve their time management skills

  • Anyone who feels that they are not performing to their full potential

  • Anyone who can benefit from improved organisation and self-management


After attending this course attendees should be able to:

  • Set and achieve goals

  • Increase productivity

  • Know how to manage your priorities effectively

  • Take away tools and techniques to become a high achiever

  • Consistent focus on priorities

  • Regain a feeling of control

take home tools

  • Training Manual & Electronic copy of study material

  • All delegates receive one month of telephonic support relating to course content



  • Dynamic and knowledgeable facilitators

  • Training File and a USB

  • Certificate of Attendance

  • Quality folder, notepad and pen


The course will take place over 2 days - 08:30 to 16:30 daily

the venue

The course will take place at the AstroTech Conference Centre in Parktown, Johannesburg. 

The AstroTech Conference centre is in a gracious mansion in one of the most historic and beautiful areas of Johannesburg.

It is a high-end business focused conference centre with competitively priced packages, excellent facilities and top client service.

Close to major highways, airport and Johannesburg city centre, this state-of-the-art venue offers elegance, discretion, security and convenience with safe parking.

Course venues will be confirmed prior to course commencement.

bbbee compliance

BizTech is BBBEE level 4 compliant. This means that we are a 100% contributor and companies investing money in training their staff through BizTech can also improve their own BBBEE scorecard. Not only does it offer an opportunity to improve your company's Skills Development BBBEE category, but you can also improve your BBBEE Preferential Procurement category. In each case your company will benefit 100% of the spend made.